Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Brief

Obviously everybody in the Herd team is working on their individual projects, but we're also working on a joint project called Decaydence.

... what is Decaydence?

Well, last week James sent out a brief for us to look over, so over the past seven days we've all been thinking about how we might respond to it through our respective creative mediums.

Decaydence is a play on the words decadence - indulgence, debauchery and immorality - and decay - ruin, dilapidation and corrosion - and the brief asks us to question how these things are reflected in Herd's home town of Brixton, both in the past and currently.

In terms of its development, Brixton followed a similar time line to the Decadent movement so it seemed fitting to draw on this. (To find out more about the Decadent movement and read the full brief see the side bar).

In response to the brief Polly and Harriet will be designing a range of T.shirts,
Stephen and Robin will be refurbishing a decaying chair and Suzie will be working on a photographic series about surface.

Each the creatives will be focusing on the local area and how decadence and decay are imbued within it.

Keep checking out the blog or come and visit the shop to see how we're progressing!

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