Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Opening Night ... Party!

Well ... the work paid off. On Dec 17th we managed to rustle up enough of our nearest and dearest to come and support us on our opening night. The evening was held in conjunction with Space Makers and our new market stall neighbors.

Harriet's Ts and tea towels were a top seller, Robin and Steven garnered interest in their lighting designs (one woman wanted to order over a hundred of their standing light shades ... alas, she didn't have the coin), Jackie and Suzie exhibited their photos and everybody loved Polly's dress designs and Aimee's Christmas jumpers.

But without a doubt the most popular item of the evening was the White Rum Punch, kindly donated and served by our friends at The Dogstar. And what a punch this rum did have, it ensured that Herd was the place to be on the night, with market goers milling about our space in droves. Jackie's H motif-ed Guiness mince pies were another draw card, as was music by Beat Magnetic and The Elevens. Oh, and how could we forget Jackie's alter ego, the crazy lady herself, Penelope ... more of whom features in the video below.

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